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At the service of the territory

The Regional Council of the Pays de la Loire is a territorial government in charge of urban planning, and economic, health, social, cultural and scientific development. Multiple missions for a wide scope of action.

In France, the Central Government confers specific responsibilities on the Region, the most important of which involve urban development, economic development, education (construction, maintenance and equipment of high schools, food service, accommodations, student services), vocational training and apprenticeship, and finally regional public transportation. However, the Regional Council is free to engage in proactive policies according to its priorities.

Transportation system

The development of transportation is essential for the region. The Region is involved at several levels.

  • Since 2002, the Region has been responsible for organising rail transport. It fixes the timetables and stations served by the regional express trains (TER), fixes fares (including special fares for specific passenger groups).
  • It organises and participates in financing the regional road system.
  • It participates in studies on the future of the autonomous port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire.
  • It chairs the study group for the planned airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

Education foremost

The Regional Council ensures that young inhabitants are offered quality education and infrastructures.

  • The Region builds, equips and operates the high schools (lycées).
  • It implements measures to promote equality, including free school books.

Champion of the environment

Preserving quality of life is an important objective of the Region. Its actions are part of a policy of sustainable development.

  • The Regional Council supports specific actions in terms of water management, promotion of renewable energy, preservation of natural resources and high quality construction.
  • It is continuing to certify regional nature parks and promotes regional natural spaces.
  • It is working on a regional Agenda 21, fixing priorities in terms of sustainable development.

A driving force for the economy

Developing the economy is one of the priorities of the regional Council, which has chosen to favour a sector-based strategy.
The Regional Council supports business start-up and growth, as well as new business activities in the Pays de la Loire.

  • It promotes the access of regional companies to international markets.
  • It works to develop competitive and environmentally-friendly agriculture.
  • It conducts actions to modernise the fishing sector.
  • It contributes to developing tourism in the Pays de la Loire.

Focus on employment

In charge of vocational training and apprenticeship, the Region is working towards enabling everyone to acquire professional skills.

  • The Region coordinates the vocational training actions.
  • It supports the apprenticeship system.
  • It promotes social and professional integration of youth in difficulty.
  • It provides qualifying training to the unemployed.
  • It supports employment policies.

Accelerating higher education and research

Higher education and research are building the Pays de la Loire of tomorrow. The Region therefore actively supports these sectors.

  • In the field of research, it supports new projects and promotes technology transfers.
  • It supports the development of universities and grandes écoles.

Open to the world

The Regional Council favours opening up to other territories, in France and abroad. The Region supports regulations on globalisation.

  • It carries out international solidarity and cooperation actions with developing countries.
  • It is involved in interregional partnerships with the regions of Brittany and Poitou- Charentes as well as the regions that are part of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions of the Arc Atlantique commission.

Solidarity at the heart of the territory

Ensuring a balance between the various territories is one of the Region’s objectives. With human and territorial solidarity in mind.

  • The Regional Council implements territorial contracts, in which social housing, public transportation and the environment are the priorities.
  • As part of territorial solidarity, it helps to maintain public services in rural zones.
  • It defines a regional health and personal services policy.

Dynamism for culture and sport

The Pays de la Loire possesses cultural riches and a real athletic potential that the Regional Council aims to develop and promote.

  • The Region aims to develop live shows, from structures and events of national importance to more modest equipment and creations.
  • It facilitates youth access to culture and sports.
  • It preserves and enhances man-made, cultural and audiovisual heritage.
  • It supports high-level sports and major sporting events.
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